General dentistry

We can assist you with root canals, surgery and more in Fort Thomas

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Cosmetic dentistry

Your mouth and smile are so important to your appearance, sense of esteem and well-being. We offer services that are improving the overall health of your teeth and gums, and also improve your looks. Teeth whitening, cleaning, veneers will protect and improve your looks. For whoever wants that perfect smile, the crowns we offer will fit like a glove and give your teeth that shine you've been longing for. Last but not least, the braces we offer come now in attractive models! 


When it's time for repairs on teeth, Pfeiffer Family Dentistry is prepared with our experience and equipment to complete procedures like fillings, relinings, root canals, and veneers. We will make a prompt appointment to address any of these issues and will have you out of the chair as quickly and painlessly as possible. We've been performing dental repairs since the start and we never let a customer leave our office without a much improved dental health.

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We pride ourselves on our expert level of service with oral surgery. We are completely up-to-date on current methodology. For any complex or deep procedures we will offer you nitrous oxide and a quiet environment, including music to help with your relaxation. Our emergency procedures are provided in a prompt and steady manner. You can be confident of a gentle treatment.

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