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General dentist services for the whole family

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Scared of the Dentist?

Some people dread visiting the dentist, but most of our patients look forward to their next appointment, mainly because we make it a more pleasant experience. Starting with our relaxed staff and surroundings, including gentle music we are aware of our patients sensitivities. Our family dentist will discuss and guide you through your anxieties. For more involved procedures, we use of Nitrous Oxide, on request. We really make each visit as easy as possible.

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Always Up-to-Date

We always keep up with the latest procedures and best equipment available. Regular and frequent training and research are part of our business to make sure you are getting the best possible care. Our general dentist is experienced in nearly every procedure from simplest to most complex, and we will offer the best care based on your time and budget. Our flexibility and innovation are further reasons why we have so many happy customers.
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Your Health is Our Priority!

Pfeiffer Family Dentistry has been offering the best dental care for over 35 years. We always act on one guiding principle, which is that you get the best possible dental care while feeling completely at-ease and confident in our approach. Our teeth are so important to our health and happiness that we make it our number one goal to keep you smiling. Contact to find out why we have such a satisfied clientele.
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